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Dutch language courses online: get familiar with the Dutch vocabulary, grammar and culture

Are you interested in following Dutch language courses online? Because you are planning to move to the Netherlands in the near future? Or because you have recently moved to a city such as Amsterdam? Are you in the Netherlands for study, work, family or love? Whatever your reason for studying the Dutch language is: Your Second Language has got you covered. If you are interested in following Dutch languages courses online, Petty van Katwijk will gladly assist you every step of the way. Petty is a certified teacher, born and raised in the South of the Netherlands, that is passionate about language and culture. Because of her pragmatic way of teaching and her patience, she is the perfect tutor.

Pragmatic, fun and interactive courses from the comfort of your own home

Following Dutch language courses online is pragmatic, fun and comfortable! You can follow the courses wherever and whenever you want – even from the comfort of your own home in a city like Amsterdam. Your Second Language offers three different ways of learning: 1-on-1 teaching, duo lessons or learning in small groups. Whatever setting you prefer: learning a new language will be as fun as it is challenging. After the courses, you will feel confident in partaking in Dutch conversation and meeting Dutch people will become a lot easier! All you need is a laptop, a camera and a nice hot brew: when do you start your online Dutch language courses?

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Are you looking to expand your verbal horizon through following online Dutch language courses? Your Second Language is your ideal study partner. In case you have any questions or you would like to receive more information, please get in touch with Petty. She will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need. For more information as well as the contact details, please visit the website.