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Everyone has to paint a wall someday

Everyone has ever had to paint a wall, right? Usually you immediately pick up the brush. But we are not all equally good with the brush. It sometimes produces a lot of paint at the wrong spot and it is difficult to always ensure that you have new brushes. An old brush does not paint nice and you notice the result for sure. The result is then disappointing. That is a waste of the wall, the ceiling or whatever you were painting. Fortunately, there is an excellent alternative to the brush. That is the paint sprayer. With the paint sprayer you apply the paint quickly and easily. One of the techniques is to spray airless.


The biggest brand in the paint spray world is undoubtedly Wagner. Wagner has been supplying high quality products for a long time at a very competitive price. You can purchase the sprayers from Wagner for a small painting project, but also the larger walls are equipped with a new coat of paint with the wagner w500. You can also go for the wagner airless paint sprayer plus that with a tank capacity of 7.5 liters can advance a considerable amount of time, whether you fill it with interior wall paint, varnish, stain, varnish or strippers. The air hose with a length of 10 meters provides a large working range and with the handy carrying handle you can easily move the tank into the room.


If you start using Airless technology for the first time, it is advisable to first practice on a small piece of wall. You can then get used to the speed with which the paint is sprayed on the wall or other surfaces. I hope that with these tips you will leave the brush forever. Airless painting is a lot faster and easier. Sounds good, right?