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Interior Design inspired by Hazel

In the Scottish city of Stirling a special office building has recently been completed and occupied. The building designed by Rennick architectural Group is a multifunction building for a legal firm. It is is based on the shape of a Hazel. The facade is constructed of wood. Also in the Interior the theme is clearly recognizable.


 All under one roof


The various services of the legal firm in Stirling were struggling for years with lack of space and were scattered around the city. Most of the buildings were also difficult to access for disabled people. To solve these problems, it was decided to centralise the different services on an easily accessible place. The design of a multifunctional office building was assigned to the architects group Rennick. The works have started in October 20013; the building was officially opened on september 1, 2016. All services have moved from october 2016. The striking form of the building is inspired by the Hazel. The Hazel-branch is not only on the coat of arms of the city of Stirling, but at in the middle ages also justice was spoken under the Hazel. This double reference gives the building a great symbolic value. In addition to that the architects have appointed the Scottish Interior Design and Fit Out company Amos Beech for the commercial interior, who happen to have a beech tree as their logo.



 (image credits: Studiovhf)

 Interior Design and Fit Out


The facade of the courthouse consists of two layers, the outer of which is built entirely in wood. That wooden structure was filled up with glass, and in some places its characteristic perforated metal sheets filed, of which the pattern is reminiscent of the grain of a leaf. The wooden structure itself resembles then again on the branches of a Hazel tree. The inner façade consists only of glass. This metaphor is also clearly present in the interior. The public spaces are furnished with tables in the shape of leaves, and also the reception office is in the same style. The vinyl floor covering has been specially developed for this project and was inspired by a canopy, with the same brown shades of colour. Behind the reception office is a hundred times magnified print of a Hazel leaf. The main building (the pedestal) consists of 6 floors and contains offices and courtrooms, as well as cells, a consultation room and a room equipped for video conferencing. The office fit out on the ground floor is designed in such a way that it is individually accessible as it is shared by the University of Stirling and the judicial services. The administrative services are housed in the twelve stories high tree building. On the top floor their is a staff restaurant with views over the city. The public and non-public spaces separated by a transition zone, which is painted orange. This ts the zone were the technical installations are, with sanitary rooms, stairs and lifts. Furniture has been supplied by McKellar Office Furniture Glasgow.