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Sustainable and fashionable sunglasses

When looking for sunglasses, sustainable might not be the first characteristic that pops into your mind. BEINGBAR will change that for you! They have a range of sunglasses that are made from sustainable materials, making sure you look stylish without harming the environment. In addition, the polarized lenses provide UV protection. UV protection is necessary to prevent eye damage. But who says you cannot look stylish while protecting your eyes? These sustainable sunglasses are stylish, fashionable, and perfect to complete your outfit on a daily basis!

What makes this company so special?

BEINGBAR’s motto is ‘Always. Here. Now’. Its meaning is simple. You should always be present in the here and now because moments pass away so quickly! Enjoy every moment while it lasts, because one day you might miss them. BEINGBAR made it their sole purpose to provide you with fashionable accessories like hand-crafted bracelets and sustainable sunglasses that make you feel as awesome as you look! Only when this is achieved, they are completely satisfied. Feeling awesome is also something that comes from within, knowing you make responsible decisions that do not harm our planet. This is why all sunglasses available in the web shop from BEINGBAR are made from sustainable materials. Think of fast-growing bamboo, recycled plastics, and other wood kinds that putt less pressure on the ecosystems compared to rapid plastic processing.

Get an answer to your questions

Would you like to know more about the true principles BEINGBAR has when producing their sustainable sunglasses and other fashion items? Make sure to contact their customer service and receive more information. Do you want to order one of the sunglasses? No worries! Simply select your favorite model, pay via a secured payment method like iDEAL or PayPal, and wait until your shades arrive! Easy like Sunday morning.