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This specialist carries out a reliable pesticide analysis of fruit

As a farmer or manager of a supermarket chain, you might ask yourself “Which specialist carries out a reliable Pesticide Analysis of fruit?”. The answer is Primoris. We recommend Primoris because their service is comprehensive and their results are reliable. They can even provide certificates indicating the legal value of their results. You can see the whole list online. Moreover, they also have the most modern equipment to carry out these tests. Read on and find out which sectors can be turned to the specialist.

Relevant sectors

For fruit and vegetable growers, it is essential to be able to say with certainty that the level of pesticides used during the production process was within the legal limit. Even if you do not grow the products yourself, but sell them as a supermarket, for example, it is very important to always be sure that you are legally in order. If you have a pesticide analysis done of fruit, vegetables or other food, you can always fall back on the results of that test in case something goes wrong. Our advice: prevention is better than cure. After all, we are talking about people’s health. Having an analysis carried out is also interesting in the import and export sector, that of baby food as well as that of animal feed. There, too, very strict regulations apply. So it certainly does not always have to be food for human consumption.

Have reliable tests conducted

Are you going to have a pesticide analysis of fruit? Then explain clearly to the specialist in which sector you are active and why you need the results. This way, the specialist can adapt his tests perfectly to your situation. Primoris is also the right partner for the analysis of other substances. An analysis of heavy metals or mycotoxins is also possible.