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Use a 5D bend if you need larger pipes

A 5D bend is an ideal option if you are looking for pipes with a larger radius. This is much more durable than a standard or 3D bend which makes a 5D bend better suited for the use in areas with corrosive materials. This is especially the case when it’s paired with cunifer alloy pipes. Are you planning an offshore or maritime project? Then perhaps this is the solution for your project. 5D bends are specific and not produced on a large scale everywhere. However, has these sizes available for you at their website. Check their currently available types if you are interested in using a 5D bend.

Cunifer pipes are a durable choice

Cunifer is a very durable alloy that is highly resistant against corrosion. This alloy contains nickel, copper and iron and it has anti-fouling properties which makes it hard for micro-organisms, like barnacles and other sealife, to attach onto its surface. The combination of anti-fouling properties and its high resistance against corrosion makes cunifer a popular choice in any offshore project. Are you planning an offshore or maritime project? Then you should definitely consider cunifer as a choice material. Pair it with a 5D bend and you will have a very corrosion-resistant setup.

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